This time we’re going into detail on the Diplomacy Lifestyle!

We deep delve into the Learning Lifestyle!

This week we discuss the Stewardship Lifestyle, its perk tress and focuses!

Our Monthly Updates keep on rolling, this January we have focused on a vastly improved feature: the Lifestyle System!

This week we tell you all about Intrigue: it's not just an act, it's a Lifestyle.

After introducing the new Lifestyle System last week, we are taking a look at Lifestyle Events!

Today we’ll be taking a look at a new and exciting feature in CK3 - the Lifestyle system!

Join us for our second monthly update in which we discuss the development of Crusader Kings 3!

This week we discuss the Court, its Guests and Wanderers!

Today we’re taking a look at what makes up a character in CK3.

Today we will talk about your council, your powerful vassals, and the role of your spouse in the realm!

Join us for our new series of Monthly Updates on CK3 in which we discuss the developer diaries published throughout the month and bring you community news!

In this developer diary the focus is given to cloak and dagger!

This week's Developer Diary is all about your holdings on the map!

Join us in our new monthly video series about the development of Crusader Kings III! In this opening video, Game Director Henrik Fåhraeus lays out his vision for the game!

Our third development diary will teach you how we go about waging war in Crusader Kings 3!

Our development diary will be focused on the map of Crusader Kings III, the vision for it and how it differs from Crusader Kings II.

Our first development diary showcases Dynasties - an immaterial yet fundamentally important feature that make Crusader Kings what it is!

Henrik Fåhraeus discusses the vision behind Crusader Kings III in his first development diary!

An heir is born! In real strategy, your greatest weapon will be your cunning. Click here to get more information and prepare yourself to secure the throne!

Crusader Kings II is officially Free to Keep and now features the Monarch’s Journey - a challenge mode that will help you earn cosmetics add-ons for Crusader Kings III!