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Dev Diary #66: A Fresh Coat of Paint

News PC / 2021-06-29
Dev Diary #66: A Fresh Coat of Paint


The sun is out, and we’ve all been enjoying pristine Azure skies during the Swedish midsummer celebrations. Or, well, a few of us have! Some members of the team got to enjoy a massive downpour of rain (which is customary, to be fair), and others even got to experience a refreshing storm of hail. Speaking of Azure, we’re releasing another small patch today which addresses a handful of issues (most notably some stability concerns):

  • Fixed unpause issues in multiplayer if choosing to continue in single player after network out of sync on 1.4.2
  • Fixed crash on save and progressive dynasty and title coat of arms disappearing
  • Fixed UI lists refresh, allowing to access characters for some interactions when they should not be available (i.e.: you could grant vassal to your liege characters from other realms)
  • Fixed crash happening after starting a fort assault during a crusade on a long playthrough save on 1.4.2

Beginning next week a majority of the team will be going on summer vacation, which means that it’ll be mostly deserted for the next five weeks. In practice this means that the next few Dev Diaries won’t be as meaty as the ones that came before. You can think of them more as teasers than proper Dev Diaries. When we’re back we’ll of course resume having more substantial ones!

With that being said, we don’t want to leave you empty handed. Summer vacation doesn’t start until next week after all. Some of you might have noticed in the previous Dev Diary that we had a small square at the top of the window when creating a hybrid or a divergent culture, showing a colour. This is of course a preview of the colour your new culture will have when it’s created. Clicking it allows you to change and set the colour of your culture exactly as you want it!


[Image of selecting a colour during culture creation]

But we didn’t stop there! We added this new and wonderful tool in a couple of other places as well. As when creating a culture, we’ve added it for creating a new faith too.


[Image of selecting a colour when creating a faith]

You’ll also be able to change the colour when customizing a title. No longer will you have to settle on the colour the game picks for you when creating a custom kingdom or empire! Especially when that colour turns out to be neon pink… You can edit the colour for any title you hold or is held by your vassals, similar to how you are allowed to edit the name & adjective for titles in your realm. Yes, this means that you can make your vassal lands sport a cavalcade of colour if you so desire!


[Image of selecting a colour when customizing a title]

That’s it for today, I’m afraid. While this might be a fairly small addition in the grand scheme of things, we do think it’s a nice and flavourful tool that lets you customize your experience more than before!


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