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Dev Diary #41: A Grand Thank You!

News / 2020-09-08
Dev Diary #41: A Grand Thank You!

Greetings from all of us in the CK3 team! 

The game is finally released, and what a journey it has been! It’s truly humbling to see something that we’ve worked on for so long, and poured so much of our passion into, finally out in the wild. We’re overjoyed with the response we’ve gotten so far, it’s great that so many of you seem to enjoy the game. The amount of stories and experiences already being shared is nothing but mind-boggling, and lots of them are circulating throughout the team, putting many smiles upon our faces (especially all the memes!). We in the team wish to extend a grand ‘thank you’ to all of you for making this launch so fantastic.

In the near future we’ll be looking at collecting and addressing as many of your issues as we can. The upcoming patch (release date TBD) is a mix of improvements that didn’t make it into the release (including some really fancy UI upgrades!), and bug fixes based on your feedback. Patch notes will be posted closer in time to when the patch will be released. If you have an issue, make sure to report it here so that it’s sure to be looked at!

In the next few weeks there will be no Dev Diaries, as we’ll focus our efforts on working with the feedback we’re getting from all of you. When something of interest happens, we’ll of course be back! Until then, please keep enjoying the game, sharing your stories, and shaping the world to your liking!

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