Press Previews

Armchair General: Crusader Kings Preview

“Crusader Kings II tackles the double problem of portraying a complicated subject and following a popular predecessor.”

“Paradox finally found a good 3D engine for its series of historically pausable RTS games.”

Custom PC - Crusader Kings II - (in Print Only)

“…Crusader Kings 2 is one of the most intriguing and surprising games we’ve seen lately.”

Comics & Games Monthly: Crusader Kings II Preview

“For everyone that ever wanted to be underhanded in a game but were stopped by the lack of options this is your game.”

Elder Geek: Crusader Kings II Preview

"Crusader Kings II, with its in-depth management of politics, economics, religion, and warfare, has the potential to be another great addition to the grand strategy genre and will inevitably occupy countless hours of hardcore Paradox fans and Medieval enthusiasts alike.”

Empty Life Bar: Crusader Kings II Preview

" I would have to say this is my favorite grand strategy title from Paradox in 2011."

"...go pick it up and say goodbye to countless hours as you are transported into medieval times."

" its core it is immensely fun if you enjoy the genre."

Game Spot: Crusader Kings II BETA Preview

Our time with Crusader Kings II revealed it to be an immense game driven by character interaction.”

Game Dynamo: Crusader Kings II Preview

"My only advice is to finish up all those things you've been meaning to do before it arrives on shelves, because you're going to be one busy noble.”

Game Inatrix: Crusader Kings II Preview

“For those of you who really liked Sengoku and are looking for more of the same (albeit in a different part of the globe and time in history), don't miss Crusader Kings II when it is released.”

Gamers Daily News: Crusader Kings II Preview

“The game is absolutely huge in its presentation.”

Gamer Cast: Crusader Kings II Preview

" of the most engrossing and unique strategy games to grace the platform for many countless years."

Game Aspect: Crusader Kings II Peview

“Crusader Kings II is shaping up to be an excellent game experience for those that want more out of their medieval strategy and traditional strategy games alike.”

Gamer Home: Crusader Kings II Preview

“RTS enthusiasts and fans of the almighty Zerg rush might find the pace and intricate detail of Crusader Kings a bit of an adjustment, but for any amateur Machiavellis who still cackle over all the tears and infighting they caused in Homeroom before the pep rally – step up, sire, your throne awaits.”

Half Empty Energy Tank: Crusader Kings II Preview

"I am really excited for Crusader Kings 2 and if you have any desire to enjoy a good strategy game you’ll be excited too. "

Inc. Gamers: Crusader Kings II Preview

”Thanks to the usual flexibility of Paradox titles you’ll be able to approach CKII as anything from a lowly count to a mighty king, meaning it should provide all the medieval double-dealing and familial ambition you could hope for.”

Lazy Ass Gamer: Crusader Kings II Preview

“The tale of a very long Game Session . A Crusader Kings II preview.”

My Inside Gamer: Crusader Kings II Preview

” Some will certainly play this game for entirely different reasons, but as a writer, the most fascinating part to me is the character interaction. This goes beyond whether you want to marry your daughter off to a wealthy baron or the heir of a neighbouring land; in Crusader Kings, you can actually interact with the goings-on of your kingdom, such as outlined above.”