NEW YORK – October 22, 2013 – Religion is the hot topic of the day and the faithful’s prayers have been answered; the divine powers at Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today announce Crusader Kings II: Sons of Abraham. Introducing a Holy Grail of new features, the blessed fifth expansion of the globally acclaimed strategy/RPG Crusader...
NEW YORK — July 30, 2013 — Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio, creators of global conquest titles for every age, today revealed the final pre-order reward for gamers for upcoming empire-building title Europa Universalis IV, releasing August 13 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 
"Paradox proudly presents a pretty perfect purchase: 50% off almost everything in our catalog during this weekend's Steam Sale! And that's not all -- there's a special daily deal on a (naturally) daily basis! Keep an eye on the Steam store all weekend to see what the specials are. Why not visit right now?...
NEW YORK – May 28, 2013 – By Odin's flaming eye, the heathens are invading! Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studios are proud to announce that all gamers can loot and pillage their way through Europe as a pagan ruler in the expansion Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods. 
The fourth...


NEW YORK – May 24, 2013 – Kneel before the idols of the Old Gods and get ready to rampage across the length and breadth of Europe, as Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods is now available for pre-order. Play as a heathen ruler and mercilessly slaughter and pillage anyone daring to stand in your path, for the glory of Odin, Perun, Perkele and other pagan...


NEW YORK – April 24, 2013 – Soon Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studios will welcome you to a past darker than you can imagine, where there are few shining knights or mighty castles and the kings of Europe are more petty warlords than imposing rulers. We stand only 400 years from the fall of Rome, and a mere 200 from the revelations of...


NEW YORK – March 20, 2013 – Before the men in rough cloth came to pray and tear down our high places, before foreign kings united to drive us away, before new ways and new faiths corrupted the men of the seas and the forests - we were nations and tribes that revered the power of nature and the power of the sword.

NEW YORK — February 4, 2013 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and a proponent of all religions, and Paradox Development Studio, today announced a new expansion to the world of Crusader Kings II, the critically acclaimed RPG strategy title. The forthcoming expansion, titled Crusader Kings II: The Old Gods, will add a number of widely requested features to...


NEW YORK – January 23, 2013 – Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio have announced that bestselling Strategy RPG Crusader Kings II is now available for Linux. The critically acclaimed title is the first ever game from Paradox to be launched on the burgeoning platform, and plans to bring other titles to Linux in the future are in the works. Crusader...


NEW YORK – January 15, 2013 – They say that blood and business should never mix. They are wrong. Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studios welcome you to the family as they proudly announce Crusader Kings II: The Republic, the third expansion for the critically acclaimed Strategy RPG classic.

Crusader Kings II: The Republic...


NEW YORK – December 19, 2012 – Paradox Interactive today announced that a new video developer diary and written developer diary for the Strategy RPG's latest expansion, The Republic, have been released. Listen to CKII Project Lead Henrik Fåhraeus give details on what's in store for rulers in the upcoming DLC, and then head over to the forums...

Crusader Kings II: Russian Portraits - Enhance your Crusader Kings II...



NEW YORK – December 10, 2012 – Not of royal blood? Not a problem! Money-making merchants are the order of the day as Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studios today announced Crusader Kings II: The Republic expansion.  The great medieval mercantile republics are given the (trade) stamp of approval in the third...


It is the late 13th century and Europe is still reeling from the shock of the...


New York – October 31, 2012 – Just when Europe thought it was safe from troublesome Eastern foes, a new blood-curdling threat looms off the Western coast in Crusader Kings II: Sunset Invasion. 

In the latest DLC for the critically-acclaimed strategy/RPG Crusader Kings II, Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studios pose the question –...

NEW YORK – August 28, 2012 – Crusader Kings II: Legacy of Rome is a new expansion which will breathe a dose of hot, spicy, Mediterranean fresh air into the deliciously dark world of the critically acclaimed strategy/RPG, Crusader Kings II. The Byzantine Empire is receiving some tender loving care from Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio with the new...


“Sword of Islam ensured you have more content to choose from, while keeping the challenge and fun at a similar, if not higher, level.”

“If you enjoyed Crusader Kings II then Sword of Islam is a worthy addition to your game.”

“Overall the expansion is a great addition to this great game and is definitely recommended to those that want to add even more hours to their play time. Its good value too at $10 on Steam.”


“If you’re looking for a game with deep and rewarding mechanics and are willing to take the time to get around the learning curve, this game might interest you. If you like alternative history and would like to see what the would world have looked like if the Seljuq dynasty pushed into Europe or if Lithuania became a vast empire stretching from the edges of each continent, this...


STOCKHOLM – June 27th, 2012 – Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today announced that it will be showcasing Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam, LIVE on TwitchTV starting today at 9 am PDT / 6 pm CEST. 

Thought keeping an eye on one wife was bad? With yesterday’s release of the Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam,...

New York, June 26th, 2012 – Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio have today released Crusader Kings II: Sword of Islam, the first expansion for their universally lauded strategy / RPG game Crusader Kings II, available for both PC and Mac.

Thought keeping an eye on one wife was bad? With the...


New York, May 30, 2012 – Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today reveal that players will soon be able to play as the Muslim rulers in upcoming DLC “Sword of Islam” . 
The DLC will release at the same time as the next hefty patch which adds...

NEW YORK, May 24, 2012 – Acclaimed as one of the best strategy games of recent years, Paradox Interactive are pleased to announce the release today of Crusader Kings II on Mac.

Eight years after the much loved original, Crusader Kings II is the long awaited sequel to Crusader Kings, developed by the acclaimed team behind the Europa Universalis,...

NEW YORK, April 18, 2012 – Acclaimed as one of the best strategy games of recent years, Paradox Interactive are pleased to announce the release today of an extensive patch which introduces a significant amount of new content and improvements for Crusader Kings II.

The key new content includes:


NEW YORK, March 30th, 2011 – The past is littered with the names of fallen monarchs, mad kings and usurped rulers. Ignominy is their legacy. Now is the time to create history’s greatest ruler in your own image as Paradox Interactive have today announced a brand new DLC for their hit strategy game Crusader Kings II allowing you to...

NEW YORK - February 17, 2012 – Have you been counting? The Seventh Deadly Sin is, naturally, Piracy! The final live action trailer for grand strategy game Crusader Kings II is an accurate re-enactment of an internal piracy discussion at Paradox. If Paradox had operated in the middle ages, anyway (though CEO Fred Wester does bellow "Summon my admiral!" even...


NEW YORK, February 16, 2012 – Following on from its successful launch on Valentines Day, Paradox Interactive have today announced that the developers of their internally developed Strategy RPG Crusader Kings II will be giving players exclusive hints and tips on to how to get the best out of the game via a live demo broadcast on Thursday February 16 at 10.30am PST/1.30pm...


“If you enjoyed Crusader Kings II then Sword of Islam is a worthy addition to your game”


NEW YORK, February 14, 2012 – Valentines Day. A time for love. With the release today of Crusader Kings II from Paradox Interactive, you can also add betrayal, political intrigue, backstabbing and marrying for personal gain into cupids potent mix. Who said romance was dead?!

Eight years after the much loved original, Crusader Kings II is the...

"This role-playing grand strategy game is full-featured and highly interactive: 8/8"

"Crusader Kings II is Paradox’s best game (and certainly the most accessible), as it presents more than enough to keep you busy as you attempt to become the greatest family in Europe."


"...Crusader Kings II is the most polished game from them to date..."

"Returning players to the franchise will find this is the game they always wanted to play, ever since the original was developed. Those just coming to the series will, with some patience, find a game that can entertain them for hours on end."

"Crusader Kings II is a bargain for...


“Crusader Kings is undoubtedly one of the most fresh and engaging strategy games on the market...”

"it’s simple exterior and complex approach makes it both an accessible game for a fan of the genre or a newcomer that just wants a go at putting their dynasty down in history. There is actually so little to fault the game on, so just do not be surprised when five...


“Crusader Kings 2 is a formidable game that no self-respecting strategist should pass on.”


“Crusader Kings II is a game that is well worth paying for.”

“All in all, Crusader Kings II is a great game with high replayability not only for the fact that there are so many characters to choose from but that there are also many different strategies to pursue in order to win.”

“Crusader Kings 2 with its steep but rewarding learning curve gives the player a meaningful experience they would only get from a handful of other games in the Genre. “


"...this game goes above and beyond all my expectations - in terms of great game play, gorgeous graphics, and pure gamer gratification."


“Crusader Kings II is really in a league of its own in strategy games.”


“...Crusader Kings II is definitely the most impressive Paradox game to date. The game mechanics are an interesting twist on a well-known genre, the code itself is highly polished, and it’s just a really fun and interesting game to play.”


“Crusader Kings II is incredibly accurate as far as historical detail and execution, and it will make any fan of grand strategy or historical gaming jump for joy.”


"Crusader Kings II is a masterpiece of a game, and one that has reminded me of just what is possible in the world of PC gaming....Simply, Crusader Kings 2 is a game fit for a king."


“I highly recommend this game. If I can learn to love this game then so can anyone else. If does require effort at first but once things start rolling, it becomes seriously addictive and loads of fun.”

“The Paradox community is extremely helpful as well and it is worth making a post about the game.”

“Paradox Interactive truly has made an epic strategy game, and from the many games I’ve reviewed from them they continually get better.”

“…once you start going the game is addictive and incredibly fun.”

“Crusader Kings 2 will own your soul and you’ll likely never get bored.  It’s one of the best games of 2012 so far–possibly of the whole year!”


“Crusader Kings II is a majestic feudal sandbox, the greatest generator of hilarious medieval soap opera ever created and Paradox Interactive’s best title to date.”

“Assassinating your immediate family never felt so good. “


"Crusader Kings 2 is phenomenal and one of the best strategy games on the market."

"Those new to the genre will face a bit of a learning curve.   I am learning new things about the game every day, but if you stick in there and learn what you are doing, I am sure you will love it."


"The folks over at Paradox have out done themselves and set the bar extremely high. If you are looking for a new strategy game to sink an insane amount of time into, then look no further.”

“It's an incredibly dynamic game that seems to perfectly simulate the state of flux that Europe and the Middle East were in during the Middle Ages. Crusader Kings II is exactly the...


"Crusader Kings II isn't just the best grand strategy game that Paradox Interactive have published, rather, it's probably the best grand strategy game in years."

"Majestic and historic in any sense of the phrase."


"Crusader Kings II offers incredibly deep and rewarding gameplay."