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Muslim Gamer: Crusader Kings II - Sword of Islam DLC Review - Score: n/a

“If you’re looking for a game with deep and rewarding mechanics and are willing to take the time to get around the learning curve, this game might interest you. If you like alternative history and would like to see what the would world have looked like if the Seljuq dynasty pushed into Europe or if Lithuania became a vast empire stretching from the edges of each continent, this game might interest you.”

Gamer Cast: Crusader Kings II Review - Score: 5/5

“Crusader Kings is undoubtedly one of the most fresh and engaging strategy games on the market...”

"it’s simple exterior and complex approach makes it both an accessible game for a fan of the genre or a newcomer that just wants a go at putting their dynasty down in history. There is actually so little to fault the game on, so just do not be surprised when five minutes, turn into five hours.”

Adrenaline Vault: Crusader Kings II Review - Score: 5/5

"...Crusader Kings II is the most polished game from them to date..."

"Returning players to the franchise will find this is the game they always wanted to play, ever since the original was developed. Those just coming to the series will, with some patience, find a game that can entertain them for hours on end."

"Crusader Kings II is a bargain for anyone looking for a detailed, dynastic, and certainly medieval experience."

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